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I'm using the Silverlight Wizard control provided by this blog:


And I would like to add a transition between ActivePage changes...the way they are handled in the codebehind are like so:

        public void manager_PropertyChanged(object sender, System.ComponentModel.PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
        HeaderText = manager.ActiveStep.StepHeaderText;

Is there any way to add an animation between the Clear & Add?

My apologies if this is a silly question!


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One way to get the desired effect would be to launch a Storyboard which handles the visual transition, then listen on the Completed event to update the ContentHost.Children.

  1. In a storyboard animate ContentHost.Opacity to 0
  2. When the Storyboard.Completed event fires, execute the code in your manager_PropertyChanged() code block
  3. Launch a second Storyboard to animate ContentHost.Opacity back to 1
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