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In Jython WebSphere Wsadmin:

It appears that I can get to the server's names from the nodeName, however I haven't managed to find a direct way to find the nodeName of a server.

I thought about creating a map of all the nodes, but that is expensive.

Can anyone help?

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You can get the node name of the server using the Server MBean.

You can find info on the Server MBean here

objNameString = AdminControl.completeObjectName('WebSphere:type=Server,*') 
print AdminControl.getAttribute(objNameString, 'nodeName')
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You can also get the node name using the getNode() method on AdminControl:

wsadmin>objn = AdminControl.completeObjectName('WebSphere:type=Server,*')

wsadmin>print AdminControl.getAttribute(objn, 'nodeName')

wsadmin>print AdminControl.getNode()


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