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for example, say I have a string called names and I want to .toUpperCase and then use the .replaceAll function before printing it.

The problem I'm having is that only one step is applied at a time and the two functions are handled separately.

        System.out.format(names[i].replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>"));

Thanks in advance!

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System.out.println( names[i].toUpperCase().replaceAll("SMITH, "<>JENKINS<>")); not work? –  Tony Sep 27 '11 at 18:55

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.toUpperCase() returns a String. You need to something like:

names[i].toUpperCase().replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>");


names[i] = names[i].toUpperCase();
names[i].replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>")
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Because Strings are immutable in java, none of these functions work in-place. They don't change names[i]. So you'd have assign them to a temp variable (or names[i]). Do something like this.

    String tmp = names[i].toUpperCase();
    tmp = tmp.replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>")
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You can chain method calls, since String instances are immutable and each method returns the string as transformed by its operations.

String changed = names[i].toUpperCase().replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>");

The variable changed has been extracted to make the code more readable.

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Strings in Java are immutable, they do not change themselves. The methods you use return a new, changed string:

names[i] = names[i].toUpperCase();
names[i] = names[i]..replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>");

does what you expected your code to do.

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names[i].replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>")

this code only returs the replaced string. you need to set it to a variable;

string str = names[i].replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>");

or to replace the current reference;

names[i]= names[i].replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>");

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Extract a variable?

    String str = names[i].toUpperCase().replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>");
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System.out.println(names[i].toUpperCase().replaceAll("SMITH", "<>JENKINS<>"));
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