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module App::Models
  class Team < Base
    has_many :players

  class Player < Base
    belongs_to :team

When calling @team.players (or

NoMethodError at /team/red
undefined method `players' for [#<App::Models::Team (...)>]:ActiveRecord::Relation

Am I using it wrong?

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Note that you're calling players on an instance of ActiveRecord::Relation. You don't actually have one Team, you have a query of several teams. Simply append .first to your definition of @team to get the first team:

class TeamX
  def get(name)
    @team = Team.where(:name => name).first
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Wow, well found! Considering that wasn't the question at all, but exactly the problem, well done! Also, I'm a bit embarrassed that I made such a stupid mistake. Well, thanks! – Jonathan Allard Sep 28 '11 at 10:00

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