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How exactly would i remove a Button from the actionBar "actionContent" in a flex mobile app?

I tried these:


I'm not having any luck with those. Im guessing where it is located in the actioncontent isn't considered the stage. Any ideas?

        <s:CalloutButton id="menu_btn" icon="@Embed('assets/images/menu/menu_btn.png')" visible="false">
            <s:Button id="btn_one" label="Button" />

The actionContent is setup like that, I know like with most mxml stuff I could give it an ID to reference it but im not sure how how to give the action content an id number <s:actionContent id="testID"> does not work. So how can i access this to remove it? making it invisible isn't cutting it i need to actually remove it.

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Have you tried using states? –  J_A_X Sep 28 '11 at 1:14
Regarding the first part of the question, the removeChild stuff you have tried, if you have a reference to menu_btn, you can always remove it from its parent, like menu_btn.parent.removeChild(menu_btn), without knowing who the parent is, so to speak. –  Lars Blåsjö Sep 28 '11 at 14:02

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Being that actionContent is a property of the ActionBar, it already is the "id" of an object, namely an Array. Try using an Array method to remove it. For instance, you could use actionContent.pop() if the thing you want to remove is the last element. Or use splice():


which will remove the element from the Array.

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awesome. thanks! I was thinking in terms of like a whole "addchild" "removechild" kinda thing. Didn't even think of it like an array. –  brybam Sep 28 '11 at 0:51

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