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How can I indent code in command mode in Vim in the same way as = in visual mode?

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Try the normal command == with a range:

{range}normal! ==

It will apply == to each line in the passed range. You can also try things with the gv= command, to reuse last selection; and take a look in the helpful '< and '> marks.

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To indent the following, say, 8 lines (including the current one) use :,+7norm!== or :norm!8==. –  ib. Sep 28 '11 at 6:24

== will fix indentation on a single line
=% will fix indentation to the matching brace (if the cursor is on a brace)
gg=G will go to the top of the file gg and then fix indentation to the bottom of the file =G

summary - = is followed by an movement key and will fix indentation in the range specified by the motion.
This sheet shows the movement key in green, as you can see there are many options

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This has no relation to whatis being asked –  sehe Mar 19 at 10:05

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