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Any idea which Cocoa control to use to display the drill-down table as in attached screenshot? On the left panel is a list of items. When an item is selected, the detail of the item is displayed on the right panel. Is it NSOutlineView or NSBrowser? Thanks!


Link to twitpic page

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It's an NSTableView on the left, and most likely an NSTextView on the right. The NSTableView on the left most likely has an NSDateFormatter set for the cell in the third column, which handles converting an NSDate object into the NSString value that's shown.

See Table View Programming Guide for more general info on NSTableViews. There is also NSOutlineView, which is a subclass of NSTableView, for when you need to display a data tree. Implementing a table view is much easier than an outline view or NSBrowser, so only go with an outline view if you really need to.

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NSOutlineView will produce something like the left panel, but is probably overkill judging by your screenshot.

NSBrowser would give you a Finder-style drill down.

I would personally use two views - an NSTableView on the left and an NSTextView on the right.

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