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I know this can be a bit of weird question, but let me explain the idea behind it first. I have a win32 app exposed a an Activex host, this gives me the the following useful features:

  • Embed and call it from Internet Explorer as a simple to pass/return values from it using javascript.
  • Embed and call it from any win32 application made in languages like visual basic, c++, delphi etc. Even i can call it from MS office products like excel and word.

I have been asked to migrate this app to Java SWT but i don´t know if it can be done without losing the mentioned capabilites, the only way could be to expose the app itself as an Activex host, can this be possible?.

Thanks a lot.

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I have no experience with ActiveX, but a lot of examples are in snippets folder at SWT homepage. Try to check them..

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yeah i know, there are a lot of libraries to call com objects from java, but what i need to do is to expose a java app as an Activex class, at this moment i think i can do it for javabeans using the activex bridge, but who knows if this can be done for an entire java app. – xafkin Sep 28 '11 at 13:53

If you migrate your app to Java SWT then you will lose the desired functionality of using in IE and as well as in other MS product based on COM or ActivX technology. Although one crude way could be to use some bi-directional COM broker like Jacob.

If given a choice then I will utilize the SWT's in-built support for COM and will try to embed your activex component in my swt application. For example, you can look at:

  1. org.eclipse.swt.browser.IE -- Allows access to IE ActiveX component in the form SWT browser control.
  2. this is a part of eclipse's file diff plugin. The class is very nicely written and gives a COM flavored snippet of diffing two MS word files.

In this way I can have the activex intact for whatever purposes.

There is this article on adding activex support to swt without using any third party COM bridge

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