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I have 2 related questions regarding the new push notification in iOS5:

  1. If my application is not running in the background - Can the notification arrive to my application silently?
  2. Can I revert back to the old modal popup UI for push notification? Can I do it programmatically only for my application notification while leaving all the rest using the notification center disappearing notification?
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You can send a silent message by not providing the sound property with the push message.

You cannot revert back to the old modal popup.

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but in that case - my app won't receive the notification - it will arrive to the iphone os - and will get displayed on the top bar (in the new stile) –  Itay Levin Nov 10 '11 at 6:27
... Your app will receive the notification from the os when the app is open. There is a function for that. Your app does not handle the notifications. the OS handles them. I was wrong to say that you cannot revert back to old style. it is in the settings for notifications on the phone. But there is no developer access to that. –  яοвοτағτєяаււ Nov 18 '11 at 16:13

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