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<propertyfile file="${build.dir}/MyProperties.properties">
            <entry key="releaseInformation"

When Ant copies my properties file over to the bin directory there is a property in it that has something like "samplePathName=C\:\Users\SomeUser\". But the property from the original file was "samplePathName=C:\Users\SomeUser\". How would the additional backslash end up there? I don't see anything that could possibly cause this to happen. Where should I begin looking other than the build.xml which only contains (relevant) the above line?

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This is a common problem - the format of property files is defined by Sun (Oracle). Ant is conforming to this, which is why the escaping happens. There's no way round this using the propertyfile task - that's the way it's intended to work. If the file is genuinely a Java property file, then it shouldn't matter - the escaping should be handled correctly when the file is read.

However if you are hoping to use propertyfile to write a name-value config file that's for something else - where the escaping is not wanted - you'll need to adopt a different approach. As mentioned in the answer to a related question - you might use the Ant replace or replaceregexp tasks for this.

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