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Apple provided an example of how to draw a paragraph of text using Core Text.

How could I iterate over all CGGlyph objects? I need to construct a big CGMutablePathRef containing all characters, which could be done by calling CTFontCreatePathForGlyph() for every CGGlyph. So the biggest problem is accessing the glyphs after they have been laid out properly.

From my understanding there are lines, and every line contains one or more runs. A run is just a range of text with specific attributes (i.e. green color, bold). And every run is full of glyphs :-)

Here's the example:

// Initialize a graphics context and set the text matrix to a known value.
CGContextRef context = (CGContextRef)[[NSGraphicsContext currentContext]
CGContextSetTextMatrix(context, CGAffineTransformIdentity);

// Initialize a rectangular path.
CGMutablePathRef path = CGPathCreateMutable();
CGRect bounds = CGRectMake(10.0, 10.0, 200.0, 200.0);
CGPathAddRect(path, NULL, bounds);

// Assuming an attributed string called "attrString" exists already

// Create the framesetter with the attributed string.
CTFramesetterRef framesetter =

// Create the frame and draw it into the graphics context
CTFrameRef frame = CTFramesetterCreateFrame(framesetter,
                                      CFRangeMake(0, 0), path, NULL);
CTFrameDraw(frame, context);
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this link has discussion about glyph http://invasivecode.tumblr.com/core-text

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