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I want to debug C++ and and php in the same emacs instance (using gdb and a php debugging mode that uses gud-common-init). When I fire both up everything just gets messed up. My guess is that gud.el doesn't support this.

Does anybody know if a way to do this exists?

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Could you describe your PHP debugging environment? I've experimented with Xdebug & GEBEN, and that's certainly decent (after a little customisation), but not spectacular; and I can't seem to inspect the variables in other stack frames which is a problem. I'm curious to know what the alternatives are. – phils Sep 28 '11 at 6:25
I too am looking for a reasonable way to debug PHP, preferably within emacs GUD. Please share how you're doing it. Thanks. – Dave Cohen Mar 19 '13 at 19:52

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There is a rewrite of gud called realgud and that support multiple debuggers. It doesn't support php, see this for a list of supported debuggers, but then I am not aware that gud does either. But there are instructions for how to add a new debugger.

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From gdb help:

To run GDB in text command mode, use `gud-gdb'.  You need to use
text command mode to debug multiple programs within one Emacs

So as you say Emacs don't allow simultaneously full featured debugging, but allow simultaneously many text mode debuggers (like M-x shell).

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