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I was having trouble with firefox for my watir-webdriver tests and decided to move over to CHROME. This runs fine local dev box, however when kicked off from team city on our qa server I get the following error:

This is using the same chromedriver as on dev box.

Windows 2003 Server 32 bit
Chrome 14.0.835.186    ChromeDriver server for win32
Ruby 1.8.7
watir-webdriver 0.3.4
selenium-webdriver 2.7.0
watir-page-helper  0.3.0


[15:57:06]:  Started ChromeDriver
[15:57:06]:  port=1203
[15:57:31]:  .\test\automation\ error: Value of: app_launched
[15:57:31]:  Actual: 1
[15:57:31]:  Expected: AUTOMATION_SUCCESS
[15:57:31]:  Which is: 0
[15:57:31]:  Error while awaiting automation ping from browser process
[15:57:56]:  .\test\automation\ error: Value of: automation()->GetBrowserWindowCount(&window_count)
[15:57:56]:  Actual: false
[15:57:56]:  Expected: true
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I believe your problem is you're running the TeamCity agent as a service, try manually running the agent using the instructions on:

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I tried running as not a service. I get the identical error. .\test\automation\ error: Value of: app_launched Though this time i actually see chrome window pop up, it doesn't actually get used and scenarios fail. – Jim Sep 28 '11 at 15:20
What does Firefox do when not running as a service? – Alister Scott Sep 29 '11 at 22:44

I'm not using TeamCity or Watir, but I had the same error message from webdriver (using selenium server) running under a windows service.

The solution that worked for me was to run the service under another account and not the system account. Might be worth a try?

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