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I want a modal popup effect to display dynamic content on a single page. I'm working with Telerik controls. Telerik has a control called RadWindow which is more or less a modal window.

It looks like the only content that is to be displayed in RadWindow is the content of a page that is specified in NavigateURL. That is a problem for me because what I want to display is the dynamic content that I show on the same page.

Is it possible to display content that is on the same page using RadWindow?

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RadDock does what RadWindow does. Only, it takes input from the current page instead of from an external URL.

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The RadWindow is an iframe. It has to have a separate page to render, unless you use the clientside radalert and radconfirm methods--you can pass in HTML for an alert or confirm dialog that doesn't require a separate page. That doesn't sound like what you want. Consider using the RadToolTip or the AjaxToolkit ModalPopupExtender instead.

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The RadWindow doesn't need a separate page to render. It has ContentTemplate tags and will render whatever HTML you place inside those tags. – dstepan Apr 8 '13 at 18:59
You are correct. I'm not sure now if this is something that changed after I gave the answer or if I was simply mistaken, but my answer has not applied at least since GeorgiTunev gave his answer. Thank you! – samiz Apr 9 '13 at 22:02

For some time, RadWindow can display content from the main page as well. Here is a link to the demo:

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