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I frequent many libraries. The Brooklyn Public Libraries, Queens Public Libraries, New York Public Libraries and CUNY schools libraries. When I want a book I have to go to all 4 online catalogs and search for it. I want to instead write a program that takes the book, author, ISBN, or whatever keywords as a string and then return 4 search result as if I went to each catalog site manually. I think this would be considered a web crawler. I'm fairly good at following programming tutorials, and googling something when I know what I'm looking for. I really have no idea where to start and would appreciate some advice. Thanks in advanced.

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Here are some python based scripts and examples of how you can automate the crawling/scraping of each online catalog. This can be done in any language, but python in my opinion would be the simplest.

Simple Web Crawler (Python recipe)


Or, to do it without a prewritten script you would use urllib2 to get the web page source and then parse that source with something like BeautifulSoup. And with the parsed source, do some keyword checks, and display the results.

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OMG thank you so much!!!!! I didn't even know there were web crawler frameworks. Idk how to use python yet but you've just inspired me, and know I know what urllib2 and BeautifulSoup are. Thanks again! :) –  MsKhadijah Oct 2 '11 at 2:23
No problem @MsKhadijah. Happy to help! Please click the checkmark below the Up/Down Arrows to the left of the answer to accept the answer. It will help others know that this solution is valid. Thanks! –  chown Oct 2 '11 at 2:47

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