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I'm currently trying to re-write my binder between Ogre and SDL in my game engine. Originally I used the method outlined in the Ogre Wiki here. I recently updated my version of SDL to 1.3 and noticed the "SDL_CreateWindowFrom()" function call and re-implemented my binder to allow Ogre to build the window, and then get the HWND from Ogre to be passed into SDL.

Only one window is made and I see everything renders properly, however no input is collected. I have no idea why. Here's the code I am currently working with (on windows):

OgreWindow = Ogre::Root::getSingleton().createRenderWindow(WindowCaption, Settings.RenderWidth, Settings.RenderHeight, Settings.Fullscreen, &Opts);
size_t Data = 0;
SDLWindow = SDL_CreateWindowFrom(&Data);

I've tried looking around and there are a number of people that have done this to one degree of success or another(such as here or here). But no one seems to comment on handling the input after implementing this.

I originally thought that maybe since SDL does not own the window it wouldn't collect input from it by default, which is reasonable. So I searched the SDL API and only found that one function "SDL_SetWindowGrab()" that seems to relate to input capture. But calling that has no effect.

How can I get SDL to collect input from my Ogre-made window?

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It has been a while, but I figured I would put in the answer for others that may need it. It turned out to be a bug/incomplete feature in SDL 1.3. The "CreateWindowFrom" method wasn't originally intended to be used exclusively as an input handler. At the time of this writing I know myself and another on my team wrote patches for Windows and Linux that permitted this use to work and submitted those patches to SDL.

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