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I have a set of locations which have a relationship to a global_identificiation table which has id, arc_id (the object_id) and arc_type (the object_type) (ie a compound foreign key). How would I set up the association so that this global information is eagerly loaded on each find of Location? such that:


@l['name']='some place'

Right now, for saving, I just do an after_save callback which is how it gets into database but don't have any other associations with it.

thx for any help

perhaps this could just be done as an after_find on the classes that need it?

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Either use after_find, or just create a method in your model to call, then just pass in the data as params.

Or better yet make a module that all your location based classes can include, then this module can define all sorts of location based methods.

 module Locations
    def find_with_data(id)
        x = Location.find(id)
        x['name']='some place' #you could pass this in params

 class Location < ActiveRecord::Base
    include Locations

then call

 new_loc =
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