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When you add a polygon shape to PowerPoint, you can attach/embed a textbox inside it. When you move or rotate the polygon shape, the text adjusts with it.

How can I do this with a line shape?

In the example below, I rotated and moved both boxes, and the text and lines updated automatically. The label didn't move and is no longer associated with the line.

How can I "attach" the label to the line?

enter image description here


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Most shapes have a text frame; that's the "container" for any text in the shape. Lines don't have a text frame, so can't hold text.

So you cheat.

Simplest dodge would be to create a separate text box and group it with the line.

Or you can draw a rectangle, give it no outline, make its fill the color you want your line to be, then set its height to whatever line width you want. The rectangle can hold text. By default, the text will sit atop the line, which isn't what you want here, so add a line feed to the beginning or end of the text to bump it below or above the line slightly.

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this doesn't do quite what I want since the polygon/line isn't automatically connected to the boxes the way that default lines are, so it doesn't move when they move - but it's a good workaround. Thanks. – Stephen Lead Sep 28 '11 at 2:47

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