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We´re using apache (2.0, with ssl) to proxy the requests to a web service installed on weblogic. We have installed, and all works fine with small requests. However, with larger requests (say, 300 KB), the apache stalls and display this error message:

"Failure of server APACHE bridge: No Backend Sever available for connections": timed out after 20 seconds or idempotent is set to off."

We replicate the scenario in another server, and the error persists (instead of "20 seconds", it says "30 seconds" for the same request).

How can I avoid this size limitation? Is it a bug in Is it a config value that is missing? (As a side note, the web service works fine when tested directly from inside the weblogic console, no matter how big the file)

Thanks for any help!

UPDATE: changed to with same results, here is the chunk of the log:

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Hdrs to WLS:[Content-Length]=[352196]

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Hdrs to WLS:[Connection]=[Keep-Alive]

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Hdrs to WLS:[WL-Proxy-SSL]=[true]

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Hdrs to WLS:[WL-Proxy-Client-IP]=[]

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Hdrs to WLS:[Proxy-Client-IP]=[]

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Hdrs to WLS:[X-Forwarded-For]=[]

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Hdrs to WLS:[X-WebLogic-KeepAliveSecs]=[30]

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Hdrs to WLS:[X-WebLogic-Request-ClusterInfo]=[true]

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Hdrs to WLS:[x-weblogic-cluster-hash]=[2Ik836PQKnD7XHQ2RcWGOWkcRRA]

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> operation WRITE failed on fd 23: revents=0x00000018

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> IO TImed out error

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> POST timed out to the server

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> ***Exception type [WRITE_ERROR_TO_SERVER] (POST ti med out to the server ) raised at line 152 of ap_proxy.cpp

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> error sending headers or Post Data to WebLogic, sys er r#: [0] sys errmsg [Success]

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Marking as bad

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> got exception in sendRequest phase: WRITE_ERROR_TO_SER VER [os error=0, line 152 of ap_proxy.cpp]: POST timed out to the server at line 2994

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Failing over after WRITE_ERROR_TO_SERVER exception in sendRequest()

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> attempt #1 out of a max of 10

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> No good servers left in the general list, reverting ba ck to the static list

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Host extracted from serverlist is []

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Host extracted from serverlist is []

Wed Sep 28 11:27:37 2011 <15359131722005124> Initializing lastIndex=0 for a list of length=2

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version 9.2, will set DEBUG to view the log... will post results – ditto1977 Sep 28 '11 at 12:03
I havent used this for a while, but I think there is an updated plugin for the Weblogic-Apache bridge. – JoseK Sep 28 '11 at 12:16
is it possible to install the plugin without the need to upgrade the need to upgrade the whole weblogic, right? – ditto1977 Sep 28 '11 at 12:29
yup, just switch it in the LoadModule in httpd.conf provided is valid for 9.2 – JoseK Sep 28 '11 at 12:32
installed, same behavior. will post the log – ditto1977 Sep 28 '11 at 14:57

Post timed out to

This is the WebLogic which Apache is trying to post to.

You have confirmed this works when directly posted to the same Weblogic server.

The 20 seconds mathces the default KeepAliveSecs which you can try to increase.

Have you set a value in the plugin for WLIOTimeoutSecs.
This defaults to 300. Defines the amount of time in seconds the plug-in waits for a response to a request from WebLogic Server.

But from your log it does not look like Apache is waiting for 300 seconds before failing.

Similarly MaxPostSize defaults to -1, just check that you have not set some low value for that.

Check out the other plugin parameters on this list

You might also want to tinker with the FileCaching element for POST requests

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yes, I changed all values; KeepAliveSecs=60, KeepAliveEnabled=ON, WLIOTimeoutSecs=300, ConnectTimeoutSecs=60, MaxPostSize=-1... nothing, the same error occurs with large files. Turn FileCaching to OFF is worse, it can't even serve all requests... I detected that the problem is with posts above 150KB, because the server takes more than 30 secs to process it. If the request is 148KB, the server process it in 28 secs... Could it be a weblogic config (not the apache module) that "cuts" the connection past 30 secs? – ditto1977 Sep 29 '11 at 12:03
Okay, does the error now say it timed out after 60 seconds? or still 20 seconds? If it reflects 60 seconds, then try 300. If not, I dont have any further clues – JoseK Sep 29 '11 at 12:04
the error says "60 secs", that is the value in the apache mod config... however the operation hangs always after 30 secs, and the error message is displayed. That's why I'm thinking that the values that I must change are inside the weblogic console... – ditto1977 Sep 29 '11 at 12:36
On the weblogic side there is a parameter for number of parallel threads and how many waiters to keep in queue, but in your case it works with weblogic directly right - even for the 300 Kb POSTs ? You might have to raise this with Oracle Support. – JoseK Sep 29 '11 at 12:42
Yes, from inside the weblogic console I have no troubles consuming the service with big posts... – ditto1977 Sep 29 '11 at 18:20

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