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I get an error when I try and import corresponding files.


UIViewController "VC.h" Imports "CustomObject.h"

CustomObject Imports "VC.h"

Starts giving error expected specifier qualifier list before

Any ideas? I want both objects to be able to call each other.


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You have a circular dependency. You need to break the circular dependency by using a forward declaration. A forward declaration says "this is the name of something, but I don't know the full definition of it".

For example:

// In VC.h

// Forward declaration of an Objective-C class.  After this, you can now use
// pointers to CustomObject, but you can't cell methods or access properties
// of those objects
@class CustomObject;

@interface MyViewController
    CustomObject *obj;

Then, in the implementation files, you can include both header files with no problems.

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Thanks for the detailed response.

This was the solution, I just did not understand fully the first time I read it.

//VC.h     calls cannot be made to CustomObject here, however there is not really any need to
@class CustomObject;
@interface VC : ViewController {
  CustomObject* gameController;
// ...

//VC.m     calls made in .m only.
#import "CustomObject.h"
gameController = [CustomObject init];

and vice versa in CustomObject

Sorry I didn't post this as a reply to your answer, new here :S

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