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While I was inserting data into a table (db2), I got this error:

Message: Operation not allowed for reason code "7" on 
table "ELSAG.ICGR1106".. SQLCODE=-668, SQLSTATE=57016, DRIVER=3.50.152,...

when I googled it, I found that the previous ALTER TABLE statement attempted to add a column to a table that has an edit procedure that is defined with row attribute sensitivity. No columns can be added to this table.

Is there is a way to rectify it?

Once I drop and re-create the table I can insert again.

Thanks in advance.

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To add to James' answer and save people time looking around, you could execute


via any available SQL client (i.e. even over ODBC or JDBC connection) to rectify this problem. However, the connection has to be in autocommit mode and you have to have admin privileges to execute this command.

I highly recommend to read the documentation on REORG before calling it.

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According to this: SQL0668

You have done some alteration to the table which requires a REORG before you can further update the table.

Run the REORG utility against the table and you should be OK.

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Also under DB2 LUW it could be that a "SET INTEGRITY" is required after "ALTER TABLE" or "LOAD" has occurred. – Turophile Apr 30 '14 at 5:11


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