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What would be the best approach to do the following:

if lang=="en-US":
if lang=="fr-FR":
# etc.

Essentially I'm looking for a mapping that would do something like:

lang = ['en-US', 'fr-FR', ...] --> chapter = ['chapter', 'chapitre', ...]

How would I accomplish this? Thank you.

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I always use a dictionary for that.

langs = {
  "en-US" : "chapter",
  "fr-FR" : "chapitre"

test = langs['en-US']

But for translations, you should also consider gettext.

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Dictionaries are good for this.

>>> chapter = {
...     "en-US": "chapter",
...     "fr-FR": "chapitre",
...     # ...
... }
>>> chapter['en-US']
>>> chapter['fr-FR']
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>>> chapter = {
...     "en-US": "chapter",
...     "fr-FR": "chapitre",
...     # ...
... }
>>> chapter.keys(), chapter.values()
... (['en-US', 'fr-FR'], ['chapter', 'chapitre'])

If you are looking for translation then best option is gettext.

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