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I am a php developer.I have created an application using fbml(non iframe) and didnt check roadmap regularly. Today i received an email saying update to OAuth 2.0 and HTTPS by October 1st or the apps may be disabled. I went through the documentation but could not get what excatly i am suppose to do.

From what i understood. for https we need to enable or buy ssl for our site and make accessible and fill the new url in Secure Canvas URL Is that right?

I am confused about OAuth 2.0.For this do we need to change the whole code and libraries we are referring to. Where can i get how do i change it. I see some php examples but could not find clue what needs to be changed? I think it is way authetication is being done,but i do i do that.

If i fail to do it immediately(as only 3 days left) is that any way i can save my application being disabled?

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This is what you need to change. Take a look here. It is a PHP tutorial from Naitik – Pinokyo Sep 28 '11 at 5:08

Make sure you have implemented Oauth2.0 for authentication .. Also you will need an SSL certificate for your app to support https:// protocol

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