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Recently my scan for relevant changes has been including mergeinfo changes that are not relevant and I would like to ignore these revisions where the changes in the log item do not alter any items in the folder which I am iterating.

I can iterate through the svnChangeItems and check for the mergeinfo property but how do I tell if a ChangeItem was made to a file which was committed to the folder whose log items I am scanning. Similar to hide unrelated change paths except if I were to check this option in the log viewer It would not show some relevant revisions which include changes before the folder I was scanning moved. Any ideas?

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On the command line, one can use svn diff --summarize -r X:Y | grep -v "^ " (summarize hides actual diffs, and the grep filters out property modifications marked with "M" in the second column). Unfortunately not possible with svn log (where you'd expect it; there is an inactive branch in subversion for that feature). – Alexander Klimetschek Mar 9 '12 at 14:39

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