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I have an app that's shown as a Menu on the Status Bar, so I switched the "Application is agent (UIElement)" in plist to YES (because I dont want an icon on the dock just for a Menu on the Status Bar), but when I click an Item on the Menu a new window is called, is it possible to make a dock icon appear for that window? and disappear when the window is closed?

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You will need to create a separate application binary/bundle to display that window. There is no supported way for an application to cause a Dock icon to be displayed on anything other than a per-process basis, or to dynamically hide/show the Dock icon while it's running.

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Thanks for the answer, but then can I call that new app from my MenuItems? how can I do that? – Crackoder Sep 28 '11 at 6:02
Sure. Just put it inside your "main" application's bundle, then launch it when it's needed. – duskwuff Sep 28 '11 at 6:33

You can show and hide the Dock icon of an application with NSRunningApplication+DockIcon but beware, this code uses undocumented APIs.

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