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I want to show my activities inside of a running activity. I need something like frame in html language that is used for showing other pages inside a page. I know Tabhost has this ability. Which one of other controls has this ability?


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Google introduced fragments in Android 3.0 and upper to create a portion of user interface in an Activity. But it is not two Activity, becuase activity <> window. For lower version you can manually load xml layout in your activity.

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do you mean that the only available thing is tabhost in lower versions? – breceivemail Sep 28 '11 at 6:39

The Fragment API is really your best choice, it's quite easy to use and you can dynamicly add them to your Activity Layout (take a look to Framgent For All - google Article) by code using the FragmentManager, this feature it's since 3.0 altough Google also released a pretty nice Compatibility Package that you can download out of the SDK Manager and added to your project like this Fragment For All:

enter image description here

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