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Background I have an excel file (lets call it salesInvoice.xls). I used Acrobat X Pro to convert this to a editable PDF. Conversion was a 100% success. It recognized labels versus editable text fields.

Every-time I open this file I see this popup on top stating

Please fill out the following form. ***You cannot save data typed into this form***. Please print your completed form if you would like a copy for your records.

Issue I want the user to be able to save form data.

Research 1. I searched online and it says use these options to fix problem File > Save As > Reader Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features. None of these options are clickable. 2. I stumbled upon an article which said Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions allows anyone with Adobe Reader to save the form and the form data. How can I use this to make my form edit+saveable

Request help in being able to save editable PDF form.

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