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I'm retrieving json from a public api and converting it into a dynamic object using JsonFx.

JsonFx.Json.JsonReader reader = new JsonFx.Json.JsonReader();
dynamic response = reader.Read(jsonAsString);

The json contains a property named return. e.g.


JsonFx creates the dynamic object fine and I can also debug into it and see the values. The problem is when I try to reference the property in my code the compiler complains:

Identifier expected; 'return' is a keyword  

How can I reference the return property without the compiler complaining?

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Try response.@return.high.currency.

You need to append @ at the begining of any field wich name is the same as C# keywords.

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thanks, that works! – AyKarsi Sep 28 '11 at 6:52
Incidentally, the Visual Basic equivalent of using the @ to escape a keyword in C# is to surround the keyword with square brackets. So you can say "Dim [Next] as String" for example, to declare a variable named Next. Handy to know if you are also using such unusual objects in VB. – Eric Lippert Sep 28 '11 at 14:16

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