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I have a database which maintains interactions with my application, a log kinds.

I want to generate reports for total interactions per day in a month. What is the best possible way to write a procedure that would return up 30 values, each value representing the count for a day?

I am using SQL Server 2005. I retrieve these values in a .NET code, upon which I want to run my algorithm.


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have you stored visit count in any table ? if stored then give your table structure. – Upendra Chaudhari Sep 28 '11 at 7:23
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Your sql query will look like the following.

select top 30 DATEPART(day, InteractionDate) as Day, COUNT(1) as Interactions from logTable group by DATEPART(day, InteractionDate)

In .NET you can use SqlDataReader and store values in a List

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Stored procedures often return result sets - what you want here is a simple SELECT statement in your stored procedure. Depending on what technology you are using, you can use a SqlDataReader to get data back into your own structures or SqlDataAdapter to grab it all into a DataSet object.

So we've broken it down into two tasks: (1) Write a SELECT to produce the data you want, (2) Use a DR/DA in the app/service to retrieve it.

evpo gives a good example of the first.

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