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The data I work with can be added from different interfaces. So in my MVC application I need to validate that the data read from the database is correct according to the rules/attribute I sat in my model. Depending on the validation send the user to different Views.

I need to do this validation on the SERVER-SIDE

var myModelClassObj = myDbContextInheritedModelClass.theDbSetClassMapToModel.Find(123);
// How do i validat this
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The DbContext class has a protected ValidateEntity method. You can call that method to validate your entity.

public class myDbContextInheritedModelClass :  DbContext
     public DbEntityValidationResult Validate(object entity)
         return ValidateEntity(Entry(entity));


var myModelClassObj = myDbContextInheritedModelClass
var validationResult = myDbContextInheritedModelClass.Validate(myModelClassObj);
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