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i'm trying to display this XML rss i receive using PHP , and its not working for me. can anyone help displaying this?

this is the XML code:

        <DATE>Thu, 10 May 2001 21:00:00 GMT</DATE>

         <DATE>Fri, 11 May 2001 14:29:54 GMT</DATE>

this is the code i wrote, the problem is that the EXPR EXCH... are at the same level, and running a foreach loop on them is a problem:

    oandaObj = simplexml_load_file("XMLFILENNAME.xml");
    $oandaArr = $oandaObj;
    <?php foreach ($oandaObj as $key): ?>
        <li><?php echo $oandaObj->EXPR;?></li>
        <li><?php echo $oandaObj->EXCH;?></li>
        <li><?php echo $oandaObj->AMOUNT;?></li>
        <li><?php echo $oandaObj->NPRICES;?></li>
        <li><?php echo $oandaObj->CONVERSION->DATE;?></li>
        <li><?php echo $oandaObj->CONVERSION->BID;?></li>
        <li><?php echo $oandaObj->CONVERSION->ASK;?></li>
     <?php endforeach;?>
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Why is that a problem? –  TJHeuvel Sep 28 '11 at 7:34

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Here is a nice function to do it ...

function ReadXml($xmlstr){
    $xml = simplexml_load_string($xmlstr);

    echo $xml->getName()."\n";
    foreach($xml->children() as $child){
         echo $child->getName().': '.$child."\n";

$xmlstr= '<Address><to>James</to><from>Jani</from><heading>Reminder</heading><body>Please check your mail.</body></Address>'; 

it echos

to : james
from : jani
Heading: remainder
body: please check your mail.

I hope it helps

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