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The following configuration is ok for WebLogic, but in OpenEJB it raises a error "javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name "AppDB" not found."

And if I removed the property javax.persistence.jtaDataSource, it works. And why set 2 duplicated datasource? Because it's a bug of Eclipselinks (see

<persistence-unit name="app1" transaction-type="JTA">

    <property name="javax.persistence.jtaDataSource" value="AppDB" />

The following is

jdbc/AppDB = new://Resource?type=DataSource
jdbc/AppDB.provider = org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.PersistenceProvider 
jdbc/AppDB.JdbcDriver = oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
jdbc/AppDB.JdbcUrl = jdbc:oracle:thin:@xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx:xxxx
jdbc/AppDB.JtaManaged = false
jdbc/AppDB.UserName = xxxx
jdbc/AppDB.Password = xxxx

Because this is a jar packaged by other team, I cannot change the content but I still want to use it in my OpenEJB, any suggestion? thanks.

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Not at all sure how EclipseLink processes the javax.persistence.jtaDataSource property. I have to assume it's a JNDI lookup of some kind, but there's incredible significance in how they might do that. If they prepend java:comp/env/ for example, that significantly changes the semantics.

Maybe try overriding javax.persistence.jtaDataSource to use the OpenEJB global JNDI name for your datasource. So in your file, add

app1.javax.persistence.jtaDataSource = openejb:Resource/jdbc/AppDB

Definitely let me know if that works. Seems that might a good feature to add to OpenEJB even though the property is actually used by the JPA provider. Fixing invalid JNDI names could be more than convenient.

On a side note, there should be a logging statement saying 'jdbc/AppDB.provider' is not a property supported by the datasource. Probably best to delete that property.

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It works, I just add 1 line in Thanks!!! – Dennys Oct 12 '11 at 5:40

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