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I'm beginning RoR. I've designed my model like this :

User -login:string -password:string -email:string -followers:array (type user)

I have now this termainal rails command :*

rails generate model User login:string password:string email:string

but i don't know how to tell my generated model that I would like an array of User.

I think my question is a bit stupid because Ruby is like PHP (no type). But I prefer to ask ... Thanks for your help !

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If you want to have something like followers you have to use a many-to-many association. Take a look at associations in the rails guide :

You have to remember that when you generate a model and you specify login:string for example you specify the name and the type of the column which will be created in your database.

The right way is to have a many-to-many relationship. You have to say that your User has_and_belongs_to_many followers (I assume if a Use has many followers he can follow many User?). You will need to create an other table which will associate a user to another.

You'll find many articles on google which explain how to create many to many relationship. But RailsGuides are really well done, take a look at it first.


As your follower will be also be of type User, you'll have to do something like that: has_and_belongs_to_many :followers, :class_name => "User" You can take a look at the documentation for other options:

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