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Let's say I'm scanning through a page of raw html looking for this regex. (The quote mark on the end is intentional).


This pattern is likely to match ~ 100 times. What is a common perl idiom/a quick way to iterate through a list of all capture group matches?

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From the perlretut (a very fine tutorial)

while ($x =~ /(\w+)/g) {
        print "Word is $1, ends at position ", pos $x, "\n";

You can use while together with the g modifier to iterate over all matches, with $1 you get the content of your capturing group 1, and in this example from the tutorial you get also the position with pos.

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Thanks stema for recommanding perlretut: it is an awesome page for Regular Expressions in Perl; it covers everything from beginner to advanced. –  Jean-Francois T. Sep 5 '14 at 8:16

The global matching 'g' modifier returns a list of captured matches in list context:

say $_ for $str =~ /un($wanted)/g;    # Prints only $wanted
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@Zahid: I think your approach is more compact. hope the following snippet will help to understand your example

my $str = 'file_%date%_%name%_%lang%.txt';
my @ts = $str =~ /%([\w]+)%/g;#           <----------Zahid said
print join(", ", @ts);


date, name, lang
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