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I would like to have a regex for the following expression


what i have done so far is if use enter 123456789 i will convert this to dollar format as follows $123,456,789.00

But i would like to valid the above values if he enters in a text box. I would like to allow only . with the numeric values. The $ symbol will come after my conversion but at the time of leaving i would like to validate the text box as per the requirement any idea please

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Try this


See it here online on Regexr

The $ at the start is optional. The 1 to 3 digits, then can be groups of 3 digits separated by commas, at last an optional 1 or two digit fraction.

Important are the anchors ^ and $ they ensure, that the complete string is matched and not only a part of the string.

Bugfix: Also important, the . needs to be escaped, to be matched literally, I added this to my Regex.


If the , are not mandatory and you want also e.g. 1000 to be valid, I added an alternation to my regex:


See it here online on Regexr

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Can i stop the user with out entering digits after . if it exceeds 2 – Vivekh Sep 28 '11 at 8:51
@Vivekh sorry I don't understand your question. The {1,2} says minimum 1 at most 2 digits. if you also want to allow 0 digits, change it to {0,2}, if you want to allow more than 2 {1,5} or leave the second part blank to allow infinite numbers {1,} (but than you can change this part to * or +) – stema Sep 28 '11 at 8:57
Can i block the user with out entering values after . if maximum exceeds – Vivekh Sep 28 '11 at 9:00

How about this


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try this:

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My proposal (untested):


we require a dollar, followed by a up to 3 digits.

then there might come more exactly 3-digit long groups.

at the end there might be a comma followed by at least one digit (or no comma and no digits)

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Why not to use common approach for formatting and use appropriate IFormatProvider? Have no idea why do you need regex here...

    public static string GetFormattedCurrency(decimal value)
        var formatInfo = new NumberFormatInfo
                                CurrencyDecimalSeparator = ".",
                                CurrencyGroupSeparator = ",",
                                CurrencyGroupSizes = new[] { 3 },
                                CurrencySymbol = "$"

        return value.ToString("C", formatInfo);
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