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i am in need to use a variable in python regular expression

for line in re.findall('(.+)33084-2(.+)', Data):

i am using above code to match a line with 33084-2, some times this values changes so i need to use a variable like

for line in re.findall('(.+)Var_Name(.+)', Data):

please help me how to use a variable in python regular expression

Thanks in advance

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If you know that the variable cannot contain any characters with special meaning in a regular expression just use string concatenation or any of the other ways to create a string.

for line in re.findall('(.+)'+Var_Name+'(.+)', Data):

If there is a chance the variable could contain special characters then escape it first:

for line in re.findall('(.+)'+re.escape(Var_Name)+'(.+)', Data):
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try this easy way :

for line in re.findall('(.+){0}(.+)'.format(Var_Name), Data):
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+1 Most pythonic answer. – Akavall Aug 13 '13 at 18:28

The first argument to the findall function is just a string. So you use string concatenation:

for line in re.findall('(.+)'+Var_Name+'(.+)', Data):
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Use String Formatting Operations

for line in re.findall('(.+)%s(.+)' % Var_Name, Data):
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for line in re.findall('%s(.+)%s(.+)' % Var_Name1 % Var_Name2, Data): is it works? – MuraliKrishna Sep 28 '11 at 11:28
Yes, it is works. :) – lollo Sep 28 '11 at 12:22

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