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I installed django-sentry in an integrated fashion. I then ran python manage.py shell and tried to log like this:

>> import logging
>> mylog = logging.getLogger('sentrylogger')
>> mylog.handlers
[<logging.StreamHandler instance at 0x9f6130c>,
 <sentry.client.handlers.SentryHandler instance at 0x9ffed4c>]

>> mylog.debug('this is a test 1')
DEBUG 2011-09-28 11:10:33,178 <ipython console> 4607 -1217300800 this is a test 1
No handlers could be found for logger "sentry.errors"

Currently, nothing is written to the sentry. I believe the missing logger 'sentry.errors' is the root cause of my inability to log to sentry. Am I on the right track ?

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Yes, there's a handler missing. I cannot explain why logging to one log should affect another log instance, but maybe if you try to write this before doing mylog.debug(..) it will work:

sentry_errors_log = logging.getLogger("sentry.errors")

Furthermore, refer to the documentation about older versions that seem to add sentry.errors log handler manually:


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