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I'm still trying to grasp the Scala language, so please bear with me and all my questions.

Can I reference an abstract type from one type parameter in the bound for another? For instance, is there a way in which the following code can be made to work? The essence of what I'm trying to achieve here is that the KEY for the MAP parameter of C should be the SomeType of the parameter T.

trait T1 { 
    type SomeType;

trait MyMap[KEY, VALUE] { ... }

class C { 
  def m[T <: T1, MAP <: MyMap[T.SomeType, Int]] { ... }
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You need type projection:

def m[T <: T1, MAP <: MyMap[T#SomeType, Int]]
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Great, thank you! –  Eyvind Sep 28 '11 at 10:18

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