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Is it possible to use the Live streaming method to create a Voice call or Video call app ? thanks

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The HTTP Live Streaming protocol from Apple is not designed for two way live communication. If you update the index file fast enough it would come close, but note that it would require a server on each side publishing the files to stream. It's just not the appropriate technology for the job. –  Jano Sep 28 '11 at 10:36

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HLS is not the ideal technology for your purpose due to

  1. Latency HLS video stream is broken down into mpegts chunks of 10secs each which has to be transferred fully before it can be played. Hence there is always a significant delay associated with HLS.
  2. Buffering In case of poor data transmission, HLS player buffers and doesn't skip ahead which is not what you want for a video chat.
  3. No Hole punching HLS works on HTTP, not UDP - so you won't be able to leverage UDP hole-punching if your clients are behind NAT / firewalls
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