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I'm trying to display a label on a lineseries in a WPFToolkit chart. The result I'm looking for would be something like this: LineSeries with labels

Is there a way to easily do this?

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Use the Legend property to do that. –  Mamta D Sep 29 '11 at 8:39
Thanks, but how do I set it to be displayed in the chart window above the line? I can't find a satisfactory property for LegendItemStyle. –  benj35000 Sep 30 '11 at 12:33
It is possible, but it requires some complex logic to determine x and y coordinates of the label. I think that the legend on the right is a more appropriate solution. –  vorrtex Oct 4 '11 at 15:50
The legend on the right isn't appropriate for what I want to do. How can I change these x and y coordinates? I just need the name of the property to change, I'll handle the logic of it. –  benj35000 Oct 6 '11 at 16:17

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