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I have been using NodeJS, MongooseJS with Mongodb. It is throwing the following error when i try to insert an record in mongodb using mongooseJS

"MongoError: right object doesn't have full shard key"

FYI: MongoDB Table having shard key

Please tell me how to resolve this issue! and what is that error mean?

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Are you inserting an object that is part of your shard key? It sounds like maybe your trying to insert without a key that is also a shard key. –  EhevuTov Oct 7 '11 at 4:38

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When you are inserting any object into Mongo collection which has shard key, object should have all shard keys (i.e. full shard key).

As mongodb's doc says:

All (non-multi)updates, upserts, and inserts must include the current shard key."

current shard key in the sense all the shard key which are currently applicable.

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