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I have a standalone Java application capable of replaying a time series of data records. Communication with the server is performed using a bespoke binary wire protocol over TCP/IP.

We have a requirement to be able to easily import data records from this application into MS Excel / Access and I am interested in the recommended way to do this.

One idea we're exploring is to write a web "wrapper" service (also in Java) that will communicate with the underlying server and then translate the binary data into a more friendly text format for consumption by Excel / Access. However, the drawback here is that we lose any type information associated with each field in a given record.

I've briefly looked into writing custom ODBC / OleDB drivers but this seems complex and is probably overkill for what we're trying to achieve.

Can anyone recommend any other approaches?

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How about xlloop? http://xlloop.sourceforge.net/ Uses an Excel plugin to connect to a function server, where you can create your own functions.

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Thanks; looks promising - I'll check it out. – Adamski Sep 28 '11 at 14:14

You may connect with an Access Database via the JDBC/ODBC Bridge driver.

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Thanks but that's not what I'm asking: I want to connect to the Java application from MS Access / Excel, not the other way round. – Adamski Sep 28 '11 at 10:21
Ok. I think you can use an ebedded database as a mediator. For instance use SQLLite or another embeddet Database and read with Access or Excel via ODBC from this one. – Hajo Thelen Sep 28 '11 at 10:38

From your previous comments I assume that you need to serve dynamic/changing data. If that is the case then take maybe the IRtdServer interface and this article referring to Excel. Its a COM Interface so you probably will need something like Com4j

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