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I have the following join tables and (relevant models and tables)

  • roles_users : user_id, role_id
  • permissions_roles : role_id, permission_id, object_id, object_type

For a given user, permission and object, I would like to like to find if user has an associated permission for an object via its roles.

Any help with the relevant query would be much appreciated.

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Try this:

class User

  def has_permission?(permission, object)
      :roles_users      => {
        :user_id       => id
      :permission_roles => {
        :permission_id => permission,
        :object_type   => object.class.base_class.name,
        :object_id     => object

Now you can check the permission as follows:

current_user.has_permission?(@edit_permission, @blog_post) 
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Given you have the user and the object, how about this:

allowed = user.roles.joins(:permissions => :object).where(:object => { :id => object.id }).any?
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