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I'm building a Rails Application and i want to store some images to the database and render them back when i need them in the html.erb file.

Can someone point me at the right direction????

Also i have a side bar on my layout file and i want to render something in one controller and then something else in an other controller!

Is that possible? This is the an exaple layout file but i don't want to render them on the layout

<div id="left_sidebar" class="column">

<div id="main_wrapper" class="column">
    <%= yield %>
<div id="right_sidebar" class="column">


Thank you very much in advance!

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You should not store image files in your database. I recommend you use gems like Carrierwave.

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Nobody would ever use database storage for the kind of purpose this solution covers. What if I need other services to access the pictures, while these other services can't communicate with the Rails application (in my case, they have access to the MySQL server and nothing else). –  Michael Dec 27 '12 at 14:29

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