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I have a file name captured by R like the following:


I need to pick up the term between the two slashes / (i.e. 0097_0), but I have tried gsub(".*/","",dbf.files[1]), but it gives me "0097_0_04_bed.dbf", which is not quite what I want.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

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you can try using -


and use the first group e.g. \1

> x = "0097_abcdef/0097_0/0097_0_04_bed.dbf"
> sub(".*/(.*)/.*","\\1",x)
[1] "0097_0"
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A different approach is to use the file path manipulation functions. I my opinion, it is a bit clearer than a regexpr - and it handles Windows paths correctly as well:

# On a Linux path
x <- "0097_abcdef/0097_0/0097_0_04_bed.dbf"
basename( dirname(x) )
# [1] "0097_0"

# On a Windows path
y <- "c:\\0097_abcdef\\0097_0\\0097_0_04_bed.dbf"
basename( dirname(y) )
# [1] "0097_0"

..They are vectorized so you can give them a vector of paths. For completeness, there is also file.path to stitch the parts together again.

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You can easily use strsplit instead. For example,

R> x = "0097_abcdef/0097_0/0097_0_04_bed.dbf"
R> strsplit(x, "/")
[1] "0097_abcdef"       "0097_0"            "0097_0_04_bed.dbf"

R> strsplit(x, "/")[[1]][2]
[1] "0097_0"
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You can use read.table:

tc <- textConnection(dbf.files)
y <- read.table(tc,sep="/",[2]
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