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I am trying to add rows programmatically to a server side table in I have a button, and within the click event handler I have:

TableRow row = new TableRow();
TableCell cell = new TableCell();
cell.Controls.Add(new TextBox());

myServersideTable.Rows.AddAt(myServersideTable.Rows.Count - 1, row);

All good, the code works the first time the button is clicked and a new row is added.

However, all subsequent button clicks don't add a new row. No error is thrown.

Any ideas as to why this might be happening?


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You are adding a row dynamically, so when you postback you will have to again recreate the controls.

In this case you are using a Table and the row is added on first button click, so when you click again you will have to recreate the previous row again and one more for the current click

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ah! I get it. Thanks. Not what I was hoping, going to have to think of a different way to do this. – AndrewC Sep 28 '11 at 10:54

You can't do this because of the stateless nature of Http protocol. For more information please read ASP.NET page life cycle from the MSDN.

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