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I created a discussion form below an article. It's possible to discuss about the article by writing some story and submit this. The article will be inserted by an ajax call with jQuery.

The problem I have. The ajax call to show the discussion who is written wont show after the submit, after I do a page reload and put another discussion it works all perfect (with ajax also).

$(function() {
             $(".submit-<?php echo $article['id']; ?>").click(function() {

                 var discussion     = $(".discussion-<?php echo $article['id']; ?>").val();
                 var article     = $(".article-<?php echo $article['id']; ?>").val();
                 var dataString     = 'discussion=' + discussion + 
                                   '&article='     + article +
                                   '&post='         + <?php echo $this->post['id']; ?>;

                 if (discussion == '' || article == '') {
                 else {
                         type: "POST",
                         url: "http://dev.localhost:10088/post/validate",
                         data: dataString,
                         cache: false,
                         success: function(html) { $("ul.<?php echo $article['id']; ?>").append(html); }
                     $('.discussion-<?php echo $article['id']; ?>').val('');
             return false;

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Can you post some code? I suspect that you are not updating the discussion after the ajax callback. –  Schroedingers Cat Sep 28 '11 at 11:00
do you have any code? :) it will make it easier to solve your problem –  Snicksie Sep 28 '11 at 11:00
Post updated with code, sorry! :).. –  Freshtea Sep 28 '11 at 11:14

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