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Could someone please explain to me how the count function works with arrays like the one below. My thought would be the following code to output 4, cause there are 4 elements there. Thanks :)

$a = array 
  "1" => "A",
   1=> "B",
   2 =>"D"

echo count($a);
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count works exactly as you would expect, e.g. it counts all the elements in an array (or object). But your assumption about the array containing four elements is wrong:

  • "1" is equal to 1, so 1 => "B" will overwrite "1" => "A".
  • because you defined 1, the next numeric index will be 2, e.g. "C" is 2 => "C"
  • when you assigned 2 => "D" you overwrote "C".

So your array will only contain 1 => "B" and 2 => "D" and that's why count gives 2. You can verify this is true by doing print_r($a). This will give

    [1] => B
    [2] => D

Please go through http://www.php.net/manual/en/language.types.array.php again.

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thx :)......... –  ParampalP Sep 29 '11 at 1:06

You can use this example to understand how count works with recursive arrays

$food = array('fruits' => array('orange', 'banana', 'apple'),
              'veggie' => array('carrot', 'collard', 'pea'));

// recursive count
echo count($food, COUNT_RECURSIVE); // output 8

// normal count
echo count($food); // output 2



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The array you have created only has two elements in it hence the count returning 2. You are overwriting elements, to see whats in your array use :

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