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My iOS application already posts on walls, gets users inbox, online presence, and more. But I am trying to send private messages to Facebook friends from my app.

I read that Facebook does not allow to sending messages to prevent spam, but I have seen this feature in other apps.

I read about the Facebook Chat API, but there is no documentation for iOS. Does anyone know how to use the Facebook Chat API?

From more reading, I found that if I add my app to the Facebook whitelist, then I my app can send private messages.

How I can add my app to whitelist? Once I get it on whitelist, where can I find documentation to send private messages through iOS?

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Probably not the most helpful answer, but I believe the best way is to ask someone on the inside to whitelist your app. That's what I'm trying to do myself as I have a similar issue.

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"On the inside"? – Marty Sep 5 '13 at 17:33
Much the same description as I was given for the sort of person that's needed to do this. A Facebook employee with some privileges, I'd assume. Developer, say, or administrator. – Craig Brett Sep 17 '13 at 8:05

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