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In the header file, I declare all of this types, The “Gradient ImageFilter” is for calculate the gradient of a 2D image, and the “VectorIndexSelectionCastImageFilter” is for selecting the ’x’ and ‘y’ component of the gradient calculating, due to the fact that the result of computing th gradient is a vector image.

typedef double      operatorValueType;
typedef double      outputValueType;
typedef double      InputPixelType;
typedef  itk::Image<InputPixelType, 2> InputImageType;
typedef  itk::GradientImageFilter< InputImageType, operatorValueType, outputValueType>     GradientFilterType;
//for extracting a scalar from the vector image
typedef double       OutputPixelTypeImage;
typedef double       ComponentType;
typedef  itk::CovariantVector<ComponentType,2> OutputPixelType;
typedef  itk::Image <OutputPixelType, 2> OutputImageType;
typedef  itk::VectorIndexSelectionCastImageFilter<OutputImageType,InputImageType> SelectionFilterType; // < intputType , outputType>

After the declarations, the main part of interest of the code is below:

GradientFilterType::Pointer gradientFilter = GradientFilterType::New();
gradientFilter->SetInput(T_g->GetOutput());  // From T_g (is a reader) comes the image

SelectionFilterType::Pointer componentExtractor_x = SelectionFilterType::New();
SelectionFilterType::Pointer componentExtractor_y = SelectionFilterType::New();

componentExtractor_x->SetIndex(0);// x component of the gradient
componentExtractor_y->SetIndex(1);// y component of the gradient



It seems that everything works fine, but the problem is that when I read the image and I compare it with the calculation of the gradient in Matlab (which I assume to be correct) the results are completely different…Anyone has used before the “VectorIndexSelectionCastImageFilter” and see something strange? Or in the process of calculating the gradient?

Thanks so much!


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ITK should respect voxel spacing in the computations. Do you images have isotropic unit spacing?

This could account for the differences with matlab.

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Yes, you are right, the solution was to add the following line: gradientFilter->SetUseImageSpacingOff(); // for derivation in isotropic pixel space – Antonio Oct 5 '11 at 14:56

The problem was in the spacing of the image, just by adding this line:

gradientFilter->SetUseImageSpacingOff(); // for derivation in isotropic pixel space

the problem was solved, and the derivation was done in an isotropic space

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NOTE: This is why using matlab for real world medical imaging can be very dangerous. Most image captures are an-isostropic for practical reasons. Compute in voxel space can produce subtle differences that can affect interpretation and ultimately patient safety. – Hans Oct 20 '11 at 22:50

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